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Message from Lead Storyteller Alex:

Come, Kindred

You have spent the last year within the halls of Elysium, mindful of the Masquerade. As the world changes, so you might imagine that you yourself have changed.

But the Beast never changes. It is time to walk the streets of the city again. It is time to measure your strength and cunning against your fellows, away from the safety of Elysium's Halls.

Bare your fangs. Cast your magics! Put on your best clothes for the Court of Prince Aela Kord, the Dread Wolf!

Join us, for the first DoS live action role playing event of 2021!
(If you plan on attending this game, please indicate by clicking on Going or Maybe. As it is the first game and we don't know what the county regulations will be at this time, a head count may be important)
(EDIT: For some reason there's a price listed here, and listed incorrectly. Don't seem able to change it or input anything there. So as a reminder, the price for game is $10)

Desert of Shadows Game 53:   Saturday, July 03, 2021
@ Natural 20    Start time: 8 pm
Downtimes are due by Sunday, June 27 11:59 PM

Setup and Check-in between 7 and 8.
*Those needing to check in after 8pm will need to locate a Storyteller to make sure your blood, willpower, damage, etc is refreshed.
Desert of Shaodws

To maintain a healthy space for roleplay and gaming, the community first needs to ensure that players feel a measure of comfort and safety. To enable staff to create this environment, please use community@desertofshadows.com to contact us with any issues or concerns you have knowledge of that may be causing yourself, or another player, unnecessary distress. Ultimately the ambition of DOS is in creating a fun, respectful atmosphere in which a group of friends can engage in a game of mystery and horror. To do that we must first ensure a space where players can be free of unwanted OC sources of stress or hostility. Please help us if you see such elements by contacting us so that we may address it.