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FAQ - Game Schedule
03/22/19    When are DoS Games?  
03/22/19    How is attendance tracked?  

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When are DoS Games? (03/22/19)


Desert of Shadows games take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.  


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How is attendance tracked? (03/22/19)


Game attendance is tracked via a storyteller tool based off of the Desert of Shadows website database.  To make sure your attendance is tracked properly for the game, and to make sure you're given accurate xp credit, make sure that you have registered with the website.  The storytellers attendance sheet is based off of registered DoS users that have an active character within the database.  Players are encouraged to have a user account and character created before attending game.

Using this system gives the storyteller a 'one click' method of checking players in the day of game, and automatically award you xp for being there, thus speeding up the check in process, giving players and the storyteller more time to take care of other pre-game matters.

Check in for games is between 8pm and 8:30pm the day of game (unless otherwise stated on the schedule).  Players who show up to game on time (before 8:30pm) recieve the full xp award for game attenance.  Players who arrive after check-in will be docked xp at the storytellers discretion.  If you plan to arrive late for game (due to work schedule, or other pressing matters), be sure to contact the storyteller ahead of time and let him know your situation.

If you are unsure of how to create a character or user account, contact the storyteller or site administrator for assistance.  Although we would be happy to help you the day of game, it would be easier to handle this well before game day.


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