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  Frequently Asked Questions  
FAQ - Game: Miscellaneous
05/01/19    How is attendance tracked?  
03/22/19    How much XP do I get per game?  
05/01/19    When are DoS Games?  
03/22/19    How many games are there?  
04/04/19    How many Narrators will there be and what will they do?  
04/20/19    How much does the game cost?  
03/22/19    What does pre-paying for games entail?  
03/22/19    I submitted something to the Storyteller when should I expect a response?  
04/07/19    Downtime Q&A 4/7/19  
10/28/19    How do referrals work?  

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How is attendance tracked? (05/01/19)


Game attendance is tracked via a storyteller tool based off of the Desert of Shadows website database.  To make sure your attendance is tracked properly for the game, and to make sure you're given accurate xp credit, make sure that you have registered with the website.  The storytellers attendance sheet is based off of registered DoS users that have an active character within the database.  Players are encouraged to have a user account and character created before attending game.

Using this system gives the storyteller a 'one click' method of checking players in the day of game, and automatically award you xp for being there, thus speeding up the check in process, giving players and the storyteller more time to take care of other pre-game matters.

Check in for games is between 8pm and 8:30pm the day of game (unless otherwise stated on the schedule).  Players who show up to game on time (before 8:30pm) recieve the full xp award for game attenance.  Players who arrive after check-in will be docked xp at the storytellers discretion.  If you plan to arrive late for game (due to work schedule, or other pressing matters), be sure to contact the storyteller ahead of time and let him know your situation.

If you are unsure of how to create a character or user account, contact the storyteller or site administrator for assistance.  Although we would be happy to help you the day of game, it would be easier to handle this well before game day.


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How much XP do I get per game? (03/22/19)


There is a total of 12 xp available per month, 6xp per game session. 


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When are DoS Games? (05/01/19)


Desert of Shadows games take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.  


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How many games are there? (03/22/19)


Desert of Shadows runs two games per month on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. 

The first DoS: Endgame session begins on Saturday, April 6, 2019


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How many Narrators will there be and what will they do? (04/04/19)


There are currently 4  Second Narrators that will be available to assist when the Storyteller or 1st Narrators are unavailable, either through running a scene or involved in challenges elsewhere. Second Narrators can run challenges, call out initiative, make mechanics calls in the case of disagreements, or be notified that you are activating something or going to the front of the store to Feed.  They also have limited character tracker access so they may restore blood and willpower on your character sheet.


Narrator names are highlighted in yellow on the Roll Call of Darkness page.


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How much does the game cost? (04/20/19)


Desert of Shadows charges $10 per game session.  The funds collected go towards purchase of brand name sodas, location & technology fees and decor to improve the game experience.

For games held at Natural 20, your game fee covers beverages from the soda fountain and unlimited refills for the evening.


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What does pre-paying for games entail? (03/22/19)


In Desert of Shadows, you have the potential to earn 12 xp total in a month from games (6xp per game session).

Players are given the option to pay for each game seperately at the time they attend ($10/game).  They also have the option to pre-pay for both games of the month ($20) and recieve a portion of the second games xp up front.  The concept of pre-paying serves several purposes.  The first, it allows players that may possibly miss a game that month to still gain a portion of their xp for that missed game so that they won't fall too far behind the xp curve of the rest of the game.  So, a pre-pay recieves 6xp for the game attended, and 2xp that is taken from the second game (totalling 8xp).  Upon check-in at the second game, the pre-pay player then recieves 4xp for that second game, totalling their 12xp for the month.  Please see this FAQ on the xp breakdown for graduated xp caps.

Secondly, it brings much needed operating capital to the game up front, so the ST's have a larger fund to draw upon to supply game materials for that month (props, decor, site & technology fees) for that month without having to constantly "front" the game for those purchases out of pocket.

As always, 100% of the game funds go entirely back into the game.    A majority of the funds collected go towards costs like location fees & website hosting.  The smaller percentage that remains is typically held over for set pieces, candles,  decorations, and the next months game budget.

DoS has always had an open book policy when dealing with game funds, and at any time should you have any questions, please feel free to ask the storytelling staff and we'll do our best to give a detailed response.


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I submitted something to the Storyteller when should I expect a response? (03/22/19)


Game related questions, character approvals, and down time actions are all handled the week of game. They are generally answered the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday leading up to game. Do not expect a game related response during off game weeks.


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Downtime Q&A 4/7/19 (04/07/19)


See full Q&A thread from 4/7/19: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352006878143511/permalink/2422757674401744/

Hello friends! As promised this is our thread to discuss Vampire! You can ask me any question as it relates to the rules, our setting, or the story so far. The idea of this discussion is to make sure you have everything you need for your down times, as I plan on going off the grid for a week!

Remember: Your DTs should only be one or two sentences long, unless it is a communication to a NPC. If your narrator needs more info they will ask you!

If there is something you wish to ask that you'd rather the public not know you can feel free to PM me!


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How do referrals work? (10/28/19)


To create an account for the Desert of Shadows website, new users must obtain a referral code from a current user or from the admins.

To send a friend a referral code, simply navigate to Info > Referrals and then click the Generate New Referral Code button.

You may then either copy the code and send it to your friend via email, instant message, etc, or fill out the form with that friend's  valid email address and the referral code and instructions will be sent out via email from the website.  The new user will get instructions on how to use the code, and a link to the website signup page to activate their account.


If a newly referred user plays 4 games, the person who referred them will receive a one time referral bonus of 2xp on their current character.


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