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FAQ - Locations
11/21/19    Locations Announced  
11/21/19    Where are the Location mechanics located?  

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Locations Announced (11/21/19)


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From Lead  ST: Alex Shydler


We've talked about Location from the new book a couple of times, and we're working on a broader system for how it functions. In the meantime though, we're making three Locations available for this fundraiser! For details on all elements of the fundraiser, see the post pinned under the Announcements. These fundraiser options will be available until the first game of December, which is December 7th. There are story elements tied to these places that may be explored. It is also possible that I have incomplete information on these Locations, and ADDITIONAL benefits might be revealed to me during the bidding! Let's take a look at these Locations:



The Douleur Estate




Three years ago, a prominent figure in the Las Vegas valley went missing. The CEO of Echelon, parent company of Web Logistics, left behind a long list of holdings and investments that the corporation has begun to divest or reassign for their restructure. It is during this restructuring that your characters manage to gain control of this mansion.

The Douleur Estate is a well appointed mansion in a prestigious neighborhood of Las Vegas. And to a mortal's eye, that is all that it is. But Kindred quickly find that this place is not all that it appears



Douleur Estate Traits



Library: The location features an extensive library, on a variety of subjects not accessible to mortals. Before making a Lore skill test, a character may spend one hour looking things up in the library and receive a +3 wild card bonus to her test pool.

Fancy: This location is in a spot where the wealthy and elegant love to congregate, making it easy for its controller to orchestrate backroom deals. A character who controls this location receives one additional Elite influence action each downtime cycle.

Gauntlet: The Gauntlet is thicker here, making it difficult for shapeshifters to cross in and out of the Umbra. The time required to cross the Gauntlet, listed in Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf the Apocalypse: Gauntlet Chart: Entering the Umbra, page 585, is doubled here.





The Western Command Network





In 1984, during the height of the Cold War, a great deal of thought was put into the idea of rebuilding society following a nuclear exchange. Hoover Dam was a central part of that planning, as well as preserving military capability to restore order to the surrounding region. The Pentagon commissioned the development of a great network of subterranean tunnels and bunkers to protect such military personnel, as well as the engineers running the dam.

The project ended in 1988, but unbeknownst to Washington, someone funded continued expansion. The scale of this digging was unknown until the city of Henderson broke through a tram depot while developing water, power, and sewage lines at the outskirts of the city. The information will be lost in bureaucratic red tape as your characters assume control over this vast tunnel network.





The Western Command Network






Sprawling: Characters unfamiliar with this location find it confusing to navigate. Characters wishing to speak privately should notify the Storyteller of their intent, and they are then considered to be in a different location for the purposes of observation. Furthermore, characters who do not control this stock location may not declare fair escape while present, and a character wishing to leave the site must spend five minutes unchallenged before making her exit.

Size: The location is enormous, with dozens of rooms, or a wide enclosed space. A warehouse’s worth of goods, supplies, people, or anything else can be safely hidden away from the world here.


Public Property: This location is a public facility, owned by the local government, but controlled by a vampire. Add +3 to the difficulty of any bureaucratic action targeting this facility. In addition, this location ignores the first instance of the Out of Code negative quality assigned to it. The second instance of Out of Code is treated as the first, ultimately requiring four instances before the location is rendered inoperable.



Ascension Night Club



Ascension is one of the hottest nightclubs in the valley. Under its pulsing lights, throngs of kine come together searching for meaning, love, and sating their base lusts. In the dark corners of the club, deals are made, and dreams are born or crushed.

This club was once the domain of Sybil Carter, but with the transition of the city from the IA to the Camarilla, it fell to Chirac Bellamy. As it arrive son the market, your characters have an opportunity to control it through the Real estate investment group that has secured it, and has little interest in running a Vegas club.



Ascension Location traits:



Distracting: Due to some feature of the location, such as loud music, flashing lights, or no light at all, one struggles to keep track of details or people while present in it. The powers Heightened Senses, Wolf Senses, or any comparable sensory enhancement do not function here, even for the character who controls this location.

Venue: This location is an excellent performance venue. Choose one Performance skill specialization. This location confers a +3 wild card bonus to non-supernatural challenges related to that skill specialization. A location can have multiple instances of the Venue quality, applying to a different Performance specialization each time

Hangout: This location is a gathering place for mortal residents from various walks of life. Its controller gains access to one additional instance of the Contacts background at 1 dot. This benefit does not raise the level of a character’s existing Contacts, and it is treated as a separate background.


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Where are the Location mechanics located? (11/21/19)


Locations mechanics available in the Minds Eye Theater Vampire the Masquerade Volume II Issue one release from By Night Studios on StorytellersVault.com here: https://www.storytellersvault.com/product/282130/Minds-Eye-Theatre-Vampire-The-Masquerade-Volume-II-Issue-1




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