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  Frequently Asked Questions  
FAQ - Website: General
03/22/19    Can the website keep me logged in?  
05/20/19    Downtime action system revisions (5/20/19)  
06/02/16    Is there a Facebook group?  
05/04/15    What can each downtime category do?  
01/23/14    Why can't I see my character on the site anymore?  
05/04/15    Issues with XP Log or Character Sheet?  
07/30/14    What happens if I forget my login information?  
06/24/19    Mobile Sheet Update 6/21  

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Can the website keep me logged in? (03/22/19)


Yes, you can stay logging into the website indefinitely by checking the box next to the login button.  This will keep your session from timing out.   Be sure you only use this option on your private devices.  You will have to manually use the log out button to clear your website session.


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Downtime action system revisions (5/20/19) (05/20/19)


Downtimes default to costing 1 action when submitted.

Actions that should cost 0 downtimes will not be assigned the default 1 action cost and will not count towards submitted totals.

Encounters cost 0 downtimes until the ST assigns a downtime cost to it (so you can reply back and forth and it will not count towards your submitted totals or total downtimes until the ST assigns a cost).

Allies and Contacts now display the ally/contact name associated with each dot. As you use each individual one in a downtime, they will be removed from the drop down list. Allies/Contacts do not count towards submitted totals or action costs.

Submitting a Computer: Block or Computer: Observe will remove both options from the list (as you can only do one or the other once per session).

Submitting a Feeding action will remove that option from the list. If you have herd, the system will charge 0 actions and not count towards your submitted total (remember, if you don't feed, or forgo feeding to utilize an additional action you enter game at half blood).

See video walk through of the new DT interface:


And https://www.facebook.com/groups/352006878143511/permalink/2485261038151407/


 Certain actions no longer instantly approve (feeding, patrolling, train my own discipline, etc). These will all be auto processed after the downtime deadline of midnight the Sunday before game.

 Clicking submit new action now takes you to a list of button options first where you decide which action to take.

 When selecting certain options like Feeding, Patrolling, Computer: Observe/Block, etc, you will have options to select, like which zone (based on the new Domain Map) to patrol or feed in, or which character to observe or block.

 DT's no longer insta-approve. They will be batch processed after the DT deadline (Sunday 11:59pm) and be approved / denied based on certain criteria.

 To free up ST time, computer blocks will auto process after the Sunday deadline, randomly effecting one of their targets downtimes per the book. After the blocks are processed, other items will then auto-approve, such as feeding, learning your in-clans, patrolling, etc.

 Learning your own in-clans requiring a downtime action is now strictly enforced. You won't be able to purchase dots in a discipline without a downtime action that was submitted & approved since the last game you attended. Efficient Learner merit holders are exempt from this requirement.

 Utilizing medicine+herd or the ritual vitae infusion to store blood via the downtime system will now add that blood to your mobile sheet where it will display the amount, type, and expiration. This will also allow players to replenish spent blood by drinking the stored blood. If you're giving this stored blood to someone else to use, find a ST/Narrator/Admin, trash an amount from your stash, and the ST can replenish the other players pool.


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Is there a Facebook group? (06/02/16)


Yes, there is a Facebook group dedicated to the Desert of Shadows community.


Ask a friend who's in the group to get you an invite, or email admin@desertofshadows.com with a link to your profile and we'll get you sorted.



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What can each downtime category do? (05/04/15)

    • Allies: Utilize your Allies background (per page 98). Using an ally will remove it from the downtime drop down list.
    • Contacts: Utilize your Contacts background (per page 99). Using a contact will remove it from the downtime drop down list.
    • Crafting: Utilize a Craft skill to create something (per pages 93 & 307)
    • Computer General: Utilize the computer skill to accomplish a task computer related task (per page 93)
    • Computer Block: Utilize the computer skill cancel another characters downtime action (per page 93)
    • Computer Observe: Utilize the computer skill to observe another characters downtime action (per page 93)
    • Investigation: Specific downtime action to investigate potential leads, enemies, or strange occurences (per page 308)
    • Patrolling: Specific downtime action to patrol your territory to increase difficulty of interlopers feeding there (per page 308). Include details of the area you patrol to make it more difficult for uninvited guests to feed. This action auto-approves.
    • Resources: Utilize your Resources background (per pages 93, 103, 245, 308 & Overtaxing 103)
    • Feeding: "You must spend 1 downtime action between each session feeding. If you fail to spend an action feeding, you enter every game at half your normal Blood pool (round up)." (page 308) This action auto-approves.
      This comes from 1 of your 3 base actions. You may forgo feeding and take a different action (and you must specify within that different action that you are forgoing feeding to take this action)
      *Do not use the feeding option if you are forgoing feeding
      *If you have Herd and select feeding, this will not count towards your downtime totals
      *If someone is loaning you a dot of their herd, do not use the feeding option. Instead, specify one of your other actions as a free action due to the loaned dot (specifying who loaned the dot).
    • Medicine: Store Blood: Utilize the medicine skill to store blood (per page 96). This will auto-approve and auto-calculate duration and blood stored (keep track in the notes section of your character).
      You may use this option multiple times to store additional blood.
    • Medicine: Testing Sample: Use this option to test blood/tissue samples (per page 96)
    • Retainer: Use this option for an action a retainer takes on your behalf (can only utilize once per downtime period per retainer).
    • Science: Use the science skill for a downtime action related to your specified science (one downtime action per separate science skill). (per page 96/97)
    • Rituals: For performing rituals in downtime
    • Lore: Utilize your vasty knowings of Lore to gain insight into Lore-y type things (per page 94/96).
    • Mytherceria - Ay Befriend: This grants you 1 downtime performed by the Fae on your behalf (once per downtime period - pg 141)
    • Train My Own Discipline/Technique: Per page 111 - you spend 1 downtime action to teach yourself your own IN-CLAN disciplines or techniques. Use The Academy system to learn out-of-clan disciplines from other characters. This action auto-approves.
    • Merits/Flaws: If you wish to add/remove a merit or flaw, it requires a downtime action and approval by the storyteller.
    • NPC Discipline Instruction: If you are learning a discipline from an NPC teacher (via storyline, pending Storyteller approval), use this option.
    • In-between Game Interactions: Use this option if you are meeting and/or communicating with other player characters (plots, schemes, trading secrets, etc) and are doing so outside of the in-character forums or in-character mails via the site mail system. This action auto-approves.
      ex: You would utilize this option if you and an ally meet up over drinks at Rocky's and discuss an in-character plan to kidnap a Grundel.
    • Contacting NPC's: Use this option if you are spending time contacting various NPC's
    • Other: Use this option if what you are doing isn't covered under one of the above categories


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Why can't I see my character on the site anymore? (01/23/14)


Characters are considered active in any month they earn experience points, play in games, or attend special IC side events. Characters that have not been active over 90 days may not contribute efforts to shared resources, influence, or downtimes.

Your character will be removed from the active roster after 90 days.  Should you wish to re-activate your character, either email the site administrator (admin@desertofshadows.com) or click on the re-activate character link on the manage character page. 



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Issues with XP Log or Character Sheet? (05/04/15)


If at any time there is an issue with your xp log or character sheet, email both the ST (st@desertofshadows.com) and the site admin (admin@desertofshadows.com).  We'll investigate the issue and make corrections where needed as quickly as possible. 


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What happens if I forget my login information? (07/30/14)


You panic! wink

Actually, there is a reset password option available.  Just fill in the required fields, and your password will be reset and a new one will be emailed to you at the email address you provided when you signed up.

Log in with the new password that is sent to you, go to Manage User Profile, and change your password to something secure, but easy for you to remember.

If all else fails, contact the site administrator at admin@desertofshadows.com


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Mobile Sheet Update 6/21 (06/24/19)


FB thread of updates:

  • Added the ability to activate a power/technique/ritual and certain merits from the mobile sheet.
    This will [log] the activation and deduct the blood cost (if any). This should make it easier to keep tabs on things during game (either in combat, or just keeping track of when you last activated a power). It will also help ST's during scenes and scene reviews by looking at the logs.
  • Using the healing function now deducts the blood costs for you when healing normal damage (1 blood to heal 1 normal), or healing agg with repair the undead flesh. It also supports Will to Survive (regen 1 pt of damage if in the injured track) and Second Wind (convert agg to normal for 1 blood), and certain other merits under the healing utility icon.

    ST's/Narrator's can restore your health without blood costs using the tracker where needed.
  • Added support for certain activated merits (Like Burning Wrath) under Activate Powers, updated the icon for healing utility powers like Repair Undead Flesh, Second Wind, etc, added additional healing merit effects under the updated Healing Utility icon.
  • added logging and timer to mobile sheet functionality for spending Archetype for will power retests... the ST's (at their option) can use your Archetype in place of you spending a willpower per page 87 of the book:

    Once per hour, when you are performing an action (or
    resisting an action) that exemplifies your Archetype, you
    receive a free Willpower retest. This retest doesn’t cost you
    a Willpower point, but it takes the place of your normal
    Willpower retest. You cannot use both Archetype and
    Willpower to retest on the same test.

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