Desert of Shadows

About Desert of Shadows

Desert of Shadows (DoS) is a Live Action Roleplaying game in Las Vegas, NV, based on the Mind's Eye Theater game system.

In DoS, you play the part of a Vampire living within White Wolf's World of Darkness using the rules published by By Night Studios. As this is a game, your character is represented by your character sheet. Your character sheet is a representation of your characters physical, social and mental capabilities, skill sets and unique vampire powers. It also determines your ability to interact with the world and with other players. Vampire: the Masquerade is a very socio-political game, where the vampires of the city gather and broker deals, vie for power within the city, and defend their domain from external threats. There is no actual physical contact in games. Some LARP's are known for use of foam weaponry and actual physical contact to resolve game challenges. This is not the case in DoS. Large or dangerous props are not allowed at games. Overall, the game is more like improvisational theater, where you become your characters persona, and create your own story via creative costuming, and social interactions with other players.

Our game is run open book and not for profit. This means that players can see all the financial aspects at any time, and that the volunteers who operate our game are never compensated monetarily. We firmly believe that if a game is going to cost money to play, then 100% of that money should go back into creating a better game. As a result you can expect name brand food and drinks, superior settings, and the best game locations.

We endeavor to stick as closely to the settings and rules as printed. If a need ever arises to make an adjustment or modification, it will be published in the FAQ section of our webpage. Characters are expected to adhere to the genre, so players should keep this in mind when putting together character concepts.

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